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McAfee Activate Help From Experts

After you redeem the card, you can download and install your McAfee software and activate your subscription.
To McAfee Activate follow below steps
1- Open a web browser and go to the link shown on your retail card (for example
2-  Select your country and language.
3- Type The activation code from your retail card.
4- Type Your Email Address.
5- click Submit
6- It will prompted to check that your Email Address is correct, if it is not then correct it.
7- Click Verify
Your subscription is now activated. is an independent support provider on On-Demand Remote Technical Services For McAfee Security products exclusive to Canada.

If you are still unable to install and activate your product after following the steps above, feel free to contact us.
Note –
1- To install McAfee on mobile somehow the process is same as mentioned above.
2- If you installing McAfee on apple products make sure your download folder doesn’t contains any McAfee installer .dmg file in it. Having older version may cause mount the older version that will be in result to prevent McAfee Activate successfully.

if you search for in google or directly input in browser it will be redirected to, basically is an old URL provided by McAfee which now redirect to the new URL.
On this link McAfee helps you to login to McAfee portal. You just need to submit following data
1]  25 digit McAfee activation code

2]  Email address.

This way you can successfully login to McAfee portal and you can access McAfee support center for your installation, upgrading and activation issues.

McAfee Activate Support For Canada Customers
We are providing exclusive McAfee Activate and Installation support in Canada, we provide quickest support for McAfee activate for Canada. Our experienced tech support team dedicatedly provides support for Canada region.

We provide a 100 % satisfaction for our Canadian clients. We help the individual as well as companies who have trouble to McAfee Activate, McAfee Security Products. we also clean-up the PC, and we take care of malware attacked files as well. We take control of the client PC from a remote place and do the activation and tune up the system on behalf of the client.

How to redeem McAfee 25 Digit Activation code Canada

To securely install antivirus and/or other security products such as anti-malware programs, firewall programs, you need an activation code and active internet connection to download and install respective product.

To login to your existing account visit

There are several benefits to installing and activating products online compared to traditional methods such as installing from CD or DVD. It is more secure to install it online because latest product data is directly downloaded from the server in the background while installation process and you have the latest security definitions out of the box. Another major benefit by installing online is that it won’t be infected by the antivirus or blocked by viruses while installing the security products. When you install from CD/DVD or USB driver it is likely that if computer is already infected, it will block the installation of the viruses on your PC or Laptop. It can also infect installation files. Whether you purchase a retail card from retail store or purchase it online you can download it by going to respective installation and activation address.

HOw to identify the type of your product

There are several type of security products provided by antivirus company. These products fall into main two categories:

  1. Individual/Personal security products
  2. Business Security products

You can purchase a specific type of product taking into account your specific needs and costing of the product. McAfee provides McAfee Total Protection which you can buy for 1 device, 3 devices or 5 devices. so if you want to install McAfee on your mobile and PC and Mac, you need to buy McAfee All Access so one subscription can be used on three different devices. You can also buy McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee Livesafe or McAfee Internet Security.

Compare McAfee products on official website and choose the one that is right fit for your needs.
McAfee internet security is also available.
McAfee Livesafe is for unlimited devices. You can install it on as many devices as you want regardless of type of platform such as PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile, Android or IOS

PC Already Infected?

It is very much possible that your PC is already infected by malwares. It is common problems users face throughout the world that results in various pop up ads, slowing down of browsers and internet in general. If you are using PC without any anti-malware security products, It is very easy for malwares to infect your browser because when you download any free software from the internet, you may be landed on the wrong fishing website of that software or the free software itself contains malwares

Making your pc run fast

For United Kingdom customers visit our McAfee support UK website. You can check McAfee Activate UK here.

Overtime your PC gets slow and it now longer works as optimally as it works when it’s brand new out of the box. The reason pc gets slow is not because it is old, but overtime unnecessary temporary files accumulated by pc, too many desktop shortcuts, programs running in background such as Antivirus software can significantly slow down your pc and you wonder why your latest i7 8th gen laptop running so slow. The latest windows updates also slow down your pc. out of the box windows 10 is very great and fast operating system but updated after anniversary update slow down your pc.

Making your PC ready for installation

To make your PC safe and ready for installation make sure it is not already infected with the viruses and malwares. Also make sure it does not already have an another free or expired antivirus already installed. If your PC is running slow, opening random web addresses and redirecting you to spammy websites, chances are it is infected with malwares and can interfere in installation process. Run a free PC tuneup utility to delete temporary files, reset your browser cookies, disable unwanted startup windows items and uninstall unnecessary software from your PC. You can use should I remove it tool to identify unnecessary, spam, malware software on your computer.

Uninstall the other preinstalled free or expired antivirus via normal appwiz tool. later run a respective antivirus removal tool provided by the antivirus company itself.

For example to remove avg, run avg removal tool and avg clear tool, similarly there is Nortan removar for nortan and MCPR and MCPR 2 for McAfee